Ubuntu Spirit

Ubuntu means “I am because you are”. Or more simply said: humanity. It is an African philosophy, a way of living and a way of thinking. Ubuntu means understanding that we do not exist alone, we are all interconnected, and we affect one another. The East has karma, Africa has ubuntu. It’s a good thing that we are all interconnected. We all have equal rights to be here, we all have unique talents to bring into this world and together we can transcend positive change.

At the Ubuntu Academy we stand together as one. We all come from different places, speak different languages and uphold different world views. This enriches us. In the spirit of ubuntu, we share a passion for art, creativity, and wanting to make a difference in our own lives as well as others. This unites us. We intend to affect each other through art, entrepreneurship and leadership. We are a growing family that builds on the dreams of youth.