Suppl. 4: Budget

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* This is a supplementary report to the Ubuntu Academy Pilot Report *  


The Pilot: Funds Accumulated and Spend

Total funds accumulated: ZAR 2,207.300,-

ZAR 2,123.300 Ubuntu Talent Organisation (including STUB funding and profits)

ZAR 30.000 crowdfunding campaign Tokoloshe

ZAR 45.000 donations from private companies and individuals

ZAR 9.000 Renting out venue space

The funds were accumulated and spend before and during the pilot programme that took place from March 2013 until May 2015. It includes part of the initial research phase before the launch of the programme, as well as a period after the pilot programme during which the report and documentary were finalised and partnerships strengthened.

The accumulated funds covered the entire pilot programme and includes costs such as rent, transport, salaries, website, media production, materials, and productions of events and shows. See the UA Pilot Report for further insights on the organisation’s activities and achieved results.

Moving forward: A revised budget

Project budget

Until UA has the financial means to move into its 2.0 form, the organisation focuses on delivering small projects that apply the same principles as outlined in the Pilot Report so that it can continue to grow organically and still achieve impact.

Below are the estimated costs. Actual costs depend on the scope of the project. Expenditures can be reduced when costs are covered through partnership deals and in-kind donations.

Operational expenses expected per project ZAR
Venue hire 1,000 per day
Transport students 820  per day
Catering 300  per day
Coaches and core team 2,000 per day
Production utilities (internet, website, phone, etc.) 200  per day
Media production 15.000 per project
Materials greatly depends on project
Total per project day (excl. media production and materials) 4,320

Ideal budget

Expense ZAR   ZAR per year
Kick off budget / once off (equipment, materials, salaries & utilities planning phase) 252,000
Overhead core team 60,000 per month 720,000
Building (rent, utilities, basic groceries, etc.) 15,750 per month 189,000
Total operations 1.161,000
Transport students 13,000 per month 156,000
Catering 4,000 per month 48,000
Freelance coaches, volunteer stipends 6,000 per month 72,000
Unforeseen 12,000
Total Programme 288,000
Materials (education / production) 8,000 per project/event 24,000
Media production and design 14,000 per project/event
Catering 1,000 per project/event 3,000
Extra transport students and staff 1,000 per project/event 3,000
Venue hire events 2,000 per project/event 6,000
Unforeseen 9,000
Total Projects / Events 78,000
Total Budget 1.527,000

* These are estimated costs based on expenses made during the pilot (21 students) and subject to change as each project requires a different budget depending on scope and form.