Meet & Greet Event

What is a Meet & Greet? The Wiktionary tells you it is “a social gathering primarily for purposes of networking.” Saturday 7 March, Ubuntu Academy hosted a Meet & Greet for students to meet the awesome people who are interested in mentoring them. The official introduction to our mentorship programme: social it was & networking we did!

How do you allow for 36 people to connect within 40 minutes? Speed-dating! Our students had had some practice during our last programme day, and when push came to shove they rocked the show! Each couple of student & professional was given ninety seconds to chat – at the sound of the gong students had to move over one chair and meet the next guest. Ninety seconds soon proved too short for all the connections being made! As one guest reflected later: “you leave us wanting more..”  The professionals (the mentors-to-be!) told us they were impressed with the students’ open attitude, their energy and vision.

Ubuntu Academy wouldn’t be itself if it didn’t have performing arts director Nelson add the expressive touch to the afternoon. Before we started dating we had a collective warm up that had us hugging each other; got our brain properly mixed-up with counter-intuitive commands; and made us find crazy ways to make each other laugh.

The afternoon was a representation of what Ubuntu Academy is about: bringing together youth with skills, creating new connections that are founded in passion. Done with high-energy, in an interactive way and always adding a touch of spontaneity. The big smiles on the present faces showed us that it’s a way that works. We were so proud to already welcome 17 mentors to our mentorship programme before the day was done!