Kuyichi x Ubuntu

Recently our design queen Lisa and our general queen Cynthia travelled to Berlin for the launch of the Kuyichi X Ubuntu collection at the Bread & Butter tradeshow. Kuyichi is a Dutch fashion label dedicated to using sustainable materials.

A small Kuyichi team visited the Ubuntu Academy in March 2013. Over the period of a few days, Lisa and the team workshopped with the design students, resulting in 2 mens and 2 womens designs. The collection that was launched in Berlin includes the designs in the pictures below. View the full gallery of the Kuyichi workshop and designed clothes.

Bread & Butter Berlin is an international tradeshow for selected brands. It realises the concept of an innovative trade fair event for contemporary clothing culture. It is a communication platform for brands, labels and designers from progressive segment that is unrivalled throughout the world.

Ubuntu Academy is proud to have co-created this collection. Already, our student’s talents reach across the world and filter into the European fashion market! This experience was such a success, that future collaboration with Kuyichi and the students will take place!