Pilot done!

In March 2013 the Ubuntu Academy opened its doors. It was the beginning of something magical: talent and passion coming together in movement, sound and expression. Lessons were learned, comfort zones stretched. Ubuntu Academy was as a pilot project, teaching about leadership and entrepreneurship with performing arts at its core. We are proud to announce that 21 students have graduated: with them we have come to the end of our beginning.

Let it be known, the end of our beginning is not the end of Ubuntu Academy! Like its students, the academy has grown. We are ready to leave the label of pilot project behind and open the doors to a mature academy. Follow us to our end and learn more about our beginning by watching our video series “The End of the Beginning”!

Mentorship programme

A main goal of Ubuntu Academy is to get students into further education, create or find employment, or to support them in their own venture. This goal is the starting point of the Academy’s mentorship programme – to continue the personal growth of students, connect them to new networks and help manifest and realise opportunities beyond graduation. The students and the team approached potential mentors, who guide the graduates towards their goals. A way for both parties to broaden their horizons. If you would like to be a mentor, read more here and get in touch!

Graduation camp

Any graduation should be an event to be remembered. That’s why we organised a graduation camp. Students and team retreated to the beautiful surroundings of Wortelgat, Stanford, to focus on performances, leadership & entrepreneurship and goal-setting. We created magic together one last time, to reminisce about our beginning and give our journey a beautiful ending.

The future

After camp, the Ubuntu Academy team engaged in an intensive evaluation of the pilot. What have we learned in the past two years, what is the methodology that works? Ubuntu Academy released an impact report of the pilot explaining what we learned, what the impact has been, and what the future holds.

We will design our own future here in Cape Town. We have had our try-out, now let’s get this show on the road! What started as a dream to facilitate positive youth development through art, entrepreneurship and leadership, has proven itself to be a viable reality. We will be looking for funders, partnerships and team members who, like us, believe in the talent of a new generation of South Africans. This is not the end, it’s an exciting beginning.