Cape Town Electronic Music Festival

Cape Town Electronic Music Festival was so awesome to sponsor tickets and transport for our students and team to attend the festival (6-8 February 2015). We could not wait to bring Cape Town’s youth and emerging artists to this event that “has gained international recognition for being one of the most relevant and forward-thinking events on Africa’s music festival calendar.”

Upon arrival at the Friday night party, the students bounced through the magnificent hallways of City Hall. They warmed up during cool sets on the balcony but truly rocked the party in the auditorium, where they formed a big circle to showcase their moves. No time for bystanders to be shy: students invited them into the circle which became a field of energy and fun! True to form, our students connected with others through their passion, making it impossible for Ubuntu Academy to go unnoticed!

Last year Ubuntu Academy presented at CTWMF, and we have been looking forward to growing our partnerships and to become an even more active contributor in this year. We are proud to be selected partner for another growing and important event in Cape Town’s cultural landscape. Together we stand for inclusivity and diversity through arts and music.

Do you want to be our partner, or want to mentor one of our amazing students? Get in touch (!