Renske Hofman is the founder of the Ubuntu Academy Cape Town and director of the Ubuntu Talent Organization. Renske is the visionary, the seed planter and the power house. She mesmerises and attracts people with her passion. And she excels in communicating her ideas and in finding the right people to make them come alive. Previously Renske was a drama teacher.

Prof Mugendi

Mugendii K. M’Rithaa is an industrial designer, educator and researcher at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He is passionate about socially (responsive and) responsible design. Mugendi is interested in the pivotal role of design in advancing the development of Africa. He currently serves a second term on the executive board of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.

BarbaraBarbara Nussbaum is an ubuntu specialist, consultant and writer. Barbara is a champion of humanising the work place, developing conscious leadership and giving voice to the philosophy and practice of Ubuntu. She speaks internationally about Ubuntu and as a coach Barbara also works with music. She developed a methodology for enabling people to hear and honour their inner music.