Ubuntu Academy

The Ubuntu Academy completed its pilot programme successfully in May 2015. Since then we have released a mini documentary and report. We want to be bigger and better and are busy getting the resources together to implement another programme in Cape Town. Meanwhile we support the graduated students from the pilot programme, for example through the Egoli musical, and we implement short term projects as opportunities come along.

The Ubuntu Academy concept is a education and production space for arts, entrepreneurship & leadership in Cape Town, South Africa. We’re a place of inspiration for young, talented people who want to make a difference in their own life and that of others.

We believe that every single person in the world has potential and talents. And we use arts – music, dance, drama, film, photography, design – to unleash that. The creativity and passion is combined with entrepreneurship and leadership to instil business sense and proactivity.

We guide young South Africans to become creative leaders, to manifest positive social change and to be part of the emerging culture in South Africa. And ultimately, to prepare them for a prosperous life that they can create.

The past

In May 2015 the Ubuntu Academy has completed its pilot programme from which 21 students graduated. Over 2 years we ran a successful programme during which students learned, grew and transformed. We also tested methodologies, built an organisation and grew a stakeholder network and audience in Cape Town and Holland.

The present

The pilot students are continuing their own journeys. Some are working, others have entered further education, and again others are pursuing their artistic careers. Have a look at Facebook to see what they are busy with.

The team is currently documenting all learnings and strategic recommendations in a blueprint and impact report that will be published so that the concept, learnings and methodologies can be replicated and adapted around the world by anyone who is interested in applying arts, entrepreneurship and leadership for youth development and innovative, holistic education. Keep an eye on this site to get the blueprint.

We are busy planning new projects and raising funds. Our main focus is the release of the documentary and evaluation report. At the moment there is no active weekly educational programme.

The future

We want to continue growing the Ubuntu Academy. The aim is to refine, shorten and strengthen the programme into a full-time, transformative 1 year programme. We will run more co-creation projects like STUB to capitalise on our capabilities to facilitate creative and constructive processes with artists, students and companies. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about opportunities, or if you have ideas on projects.


To create positive social change through the talents and dreams of youth, guided by the philosophy of Ubuntu.


To be a creative place for students where they can gain skills and undergo personal growth. To systematically guide them to realise their inherent potentials so that they live and work as active and positively contributing citizens in their communities, countries and the world.

To be a a viable and replicable social enterprise, co-creating with people and organisations who share our values. To create opportunities with and for our students and all other stakeholders to grow a sustainable eco-system of arts, entrepreneurship and leadership.